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It\’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Written by Katie. Posted in About Me, Holidays

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Since school got out on Friday, I have immersed myself into the hustle and bustle of the season.  Shopping, wrapping, doctor’s appointments thrown in, some rehab, some more shopping, necessary naps, Christmas cards, and some more wrapping.  As of 10 PM last night (thanks to my brother’s help) I am officially done, done…and DONE. 

That means today is a cleaning/laundry day, and then it’s time to enjoy what this time of year is all about…

A few things I can’t stop smiling about because,

Kristen, Jake, and CeCe get in tomorrow morning.  Lunch at Schuler’s.  Allie gets in tomorrow night.  The Muppets movie.  Watching Love Actually with the fam.  Watching The Family Stone with Brad.  My first cranio/back manipulation appointment tomorrow (My thoracic area is ANGRY with me).  Baking on Friday with the girls.  Christmas music galore.  Christmas Eve with the Herner’s.  Christmas Day with the Jaskolski’s.  Celebrating Christmas with Brad, just the two of us on the 26th.  Relaxing.  Laughing.  Relaxing some more.  Jewelry making.  Breaking Dawn with Allie.  Yummy food.  After Christmas deals.  Sleeping in.  Seeing friends.

A lot of my experiences the last couple of years, including Allie being so sick, have taught me to really appreciate the little things; especially this time of year. I am sure that those little things will seem pretty darn big one day.

So, with that being said, I am ready to soak up the magic of each moment that this time of year has to offer.

Merry Christmas to all of you beautiful and inspiring readers.

~Katie xoxo