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Five For Friday 8/9/13

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • Since we were on vacation all week, I was on my own with all of my physical therapy.  There were no treadmills, ellipticals, balance boards, free weights, weight machines, Reformers, leg springs, or foam rollers so I had to get creative.  One day I walked three miles and did all of my floor work on the dock.  Another day, I blasted music on the deck and pretty much jumped around for 45 minutes, running the stairs and doing a mix of aerobics and kickboxing.  When it was time for free weights, I filled the two giant water guns and lifted those.  Two other days I did paddle boarding for the first time. I was really nervous, but I ended up loving it and my muscles were super SORE afterwards.
  • Because of my two days on the paddle board, I now look like I got into a fight.  I have bruises all over (thanks EDS) but I would not have traded it for anything.

2.  Zebra Work: We are continuing to work our way down the foundation to-do list Allie and I made for the summer.  Business cards have now been designed and ordered, and we have our first official board meeting with the Life as a Zebra Foundation board of directors on Tuesday.  Bookkeeping software, updating our sites, and creating our own awareness outreach materials are next on the list.

3.  When I told my physical therapist that I was going on vacation, she immediately suggested that I try paddle boarding.  She said it would be an amazing workout, working all parts of my body; especially my core.  When we got to Suttons Bay, I researched rentals and figured out that the places that delivered would be the best deal.  However, I still was unsure if I wanted to spend $50 (for 24 hours) for something I didn’t even know I would like.  One night, the “kids” decided to go into Leelanau to the casino.  We decided we just wanted to win enough for a paddle board rental.  I said I would gamble with $20 on the nickel slots, and when it was gone, I would be done.  Well, Andy and I both ended up doubling our money; me on the nickel slots and Andy on the poker machine.  After our victory dances, we cashed out and we all got outta there.  Mission complete.









5.  Going on vacation with my whole family this year was even more special than other years.  Growing up, we vacationed on Lake Leelanau every summer, so to get back there this year as “grown ups” was pretty nostalgic.  We visited all of our favorite places as kids and talked and talked about our favorite memories. I cried a couple of times. Those happy, content, “I wish I could freeze time” kind of tears.


All grown up now.

5.  I just wanna say that I love the crap outta these people.  What an incredible week.



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