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Five For Friday 12/21/18

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

1. Medical Stuff:

  • PT! Lots of rib manipulation work. At this point, we are trying to get me to labor with my ribs as “in” as they can be. My left side just happens to be the stubborn side…
  • I had my first baby stress test on Wednesday, along with an ultrasound to check my fluid, and an OB visit at the end. Everything was good! During the baby stress test, the nurse called our kid a “loud, wild child.” At my ultrasound after, the tech said your kid is “very, VERY active” (with wide eyes). That night, my big sister, Kristen, reminded me all about the laws of Karma…
  • 4 neighborhood walks. Still truckin along slowly with my sister’s pitbull in my ‘hood ; )