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Ehlers-Danlos Round Two

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I spent much of the day today on the phone with doctors from South Bend, Indiana.  After I returned from seeing Dr. Tinkle, I talked everything over with Larry and we agreed that it would be best to get a second opinion about my neck, prolotherapy, and the overall management of EDS.  Dr. Lavallee is a sports medicine doctor in South Bend who also specializes in EDS.  He is not only an expert in EDS, but he also has it himself.  When I was first researching EDS specialists; three doctors kept coming up as THE EDS doctors to see-Dr. Tinkle, Dr. Lavallee, and a doctor in Maryland. 


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Two years ago Allie almost died on Christmas night and my Dad had Prostate cancer. You can read Allie’s story here.  Christmas has meant so much more to me ever since.  It probably sounds cliche’ but between Christmas two years ago and this Christmas I finally get it. Like really, really get it. Christmas means Family.  Friends.  Forgiveness. Giving.  Love. Hope. Faith.

Five For Friday 12/24/10

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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet with longer Christmas posts to come!

1.  I’m cheating and putting the medical posts into one:  Went to Fort Wayne and had facet injections into C6/C7 in my neck. Started physical therapy again.  My first session was focused on the soft tissue in my neck and back (aka a massage).  The plan for physical therapy is toning work with soft tissue work.  Made an appointment with my OB-GYN to talk about starting a new birth control to hopefully help the EDS by making me less stretchy during my time of the month.