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Five For Friday 12/24/10

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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet with longer Christmas posts to come!

1.  I’m cheating and putting the medical posts into one:  Went to Fort Wayne and had facet injections into C6/C7 in my neck. Started physical therapy again.  My first session was focused on the soft tissue in my neck and back (aka a massage).  The plan for physical therapy is toning work with soft tissue work.  Made an appointment with my OB-GYN to talk about starting a new birth control to hopefully help the EDS by making me less stretchy during my time of the month.

2. Got my hair done.  I was talking to my stylist about my eyebrows and how they are changing color (orange hairs).  I told her it was bugging me, and as she waxed my eyebrows, she said she, too, noticed it.  She said maybe it’s because of a medicine I’m on, or because of all the medical craziness.  So she colored my eyebrows for the first time at the same time she was coloring my hair.  When I got home I was telling everyone at dinner about it and how I could not figure out why my eyebrows were turning orange.  I asked if it was the process that hair goes through when they turn gray.  Allie looked at me with her “OMG, are you serious” look and said it was because of my face wash (Acne Free system) since it has benzoyal peroxide! Ha!  Mystery solved!  They are not turning gray.  Phew.

3.  Allie, Kristen, Jake, and Cecilia arrived last night!! Enough said.

4.  My Mom, Dad, and I played a couple good games of Sequence, while we waited for my siblings to arrive.  My Mom always wins.

5.  Went to Spring Lake to celebrate Cami Rose’s (my niece’s) first birthday at her monkey-themed party!

Off to get in the shower~Big day ahead.  Christmas Eve with the Jaskolski’s in Grass Lake!  Merry Christmas Eve friends and family! 

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