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The "What NOT to Do" Conclusion

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Well, I do have to say that persistence does pay off.  I may have overreacted a lot bit, but not knowing to me is the WORST.  If I know I have something, then I can start to deal with it, but I do not do well with the waiting game.

I did not get a call yesterday and stressed, and cried, and prayed, and slept fitfully throughout the night.  I felt like I was back to the summer and the fall, waiting, and waiting for answers.  Thankfully, this morning I was called with the answer I was looking for.

What NOT to Do

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Don’t doctor’s offices know that they are not supposed to tell a patient who happens to be the biggest worry wart on the planet that they have their results back for a pretty major test but they can’t come in for a results appointment until April 28th? In Indiana?

I usually take things in stride pretty well, but come on! 

Five For Friday 3/25/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • Prolotherapy round 3 was Monday.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 Day of PT
  • It is official~I will be seeing Dr. Grubb’s NP for POTS on April 20th.  I received the packet this week.
  • I am loving my new compression stockings.
  • Pelvic clocks, glute retraining, scapular exercises, and the recumbent bike are my new BFFs.

Roses and Thorns Round 2

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Rose:  There are a lot of fun things coming up that I am looking forward to.

Thorn:  I have junk in my chest and my Asthma is flaring up.

Rose:  The sun is shining today after quite a few gloomy days.

Thorn:  Since my ribs hurt, my PT did not allow me to do elliptical or treadmill work today.