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Fate, Family, Answers, & Genes

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is genetic.  Of the genes. Often inherited (though not always). This, I get.

What I have always wondered is if my EDS was in fact inherited, where in my family did I get it from?

My siblings don’t have it.  My parents don’t have it.  For three years, I have not known of anyone on either side of my family who has EDS.

Ehlers Danlos in South Bend

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After seeing Dr. Cantieri, we headed to South Bend.

My next appointment was with Dr. Lavallee, who is a sports medicine doctor, who also specializes in Ehlers Danlos.  He actually has Ehlers Danlos; the classical type, meaning it affects his skin and he also has the extreme joint hypermobility.  I had no idea what to expect from this appointment, except I was pretty excited to talk to a doctor who actually lives with what I am living with.