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Five For Friday 6/13/14

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of home rehab and zero PT. I spent a lot of time with my new BFF, the recumbent bike in my basement.
  • 1 shrink appointment. 1 hour of perspective, reflecting, and clarifying.
  • What a weird week! Soooooo I did this by dropping a table on my foot cleaning my classroom, which took up a lot of my week with workman’s comp paperwork and all of the questions that accompany that, along with 3 doctor’s appointments. After going back and forth about whether it was broken or not, the final verdict was I have an old break on the side of my foot (which does not hurt), but I just bruised the top of my foot. I am already out of my robo boot less and less. Feeling grateful and relieved I am not stuck in it for 6 weeks like they originally thought.  Katie Boot