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A Caring Comment

Written by Katie. Posted in Ehlers-Danlos Awareness, POTS Awareness

I was excited to login to my blog, and see a personal note from Dr. Driscoll herself about the progress, and developments of her research.  Dr. Driscoll is a zebra herself who devotes so much of her time advocating for, and researching various diseases and the possible connections between the diseases of Multiple Sclerosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, POTS, and CCSVI, to name a few… 

This is all I got…

Written by Katie. Posted in Ehlers-Danlos Awareness

I came across a couple of interesting blog posts by eye doctor, Diana Driscoll about EDS and POTS, and the possible MS connection.  You can read them here.  (It makes more sense to read the second one first and then scroll up to read the first one.)