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10 Changes For the Week

Written by Katie. Posted in Challenges, Goals

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Here’s 10 things I am going to work on for the upcoming week:

  1. More deep breathing.
  2. Ask people to help me, if I know they are able.
  3. Leave school closer to the time I am supposed to leave.
  4. Shut down all work by 9 PM.
  5. Be in bed by 10 PM.
  6. Take non-negotiable naps Monday-Friday in order to be able to function in the evenings.
  7. Rehab Monday, Thursday.
  8. Drink more water, eat healthier, and less on the go.
  9. When I start to get red flags from my body like dizziness, pain, brain fog, and seeing spots, I will try my best to give my body the love and attention it deserves.  This usually means heat and rest.
  10. I will tell myself over and over [and truly believe] that everything will work out.

Goodnight!  Have a fabulous week, everyone!

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