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11/24/10 Thankful

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Tonight I am thankful for laughter.  There have been a few core things that have helped me get through the tough times in my life thus far, and laughter has ALWAYS been one of them.  I am thankful that I believe and recognize that laughter is truly a means of healing for the mind and the body.  When life seems overwhelming, it is laughter that often helps me forget my cares or helps me forget the pain or the sickness I may be experiencing, even if it is for a brief moment.  I am thankful I have the ability to laugh at myself, because honestly at times, it is either laugh or cry, and I would much rather laugh. 

I am thankful that my family uses laughter to help heal wounds, and as a means of turning a heavy issue into something much lighter.  When I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos, my brother called me Gumby, and asked me where my friend Pokey was.  When my nerve was taken from my arm, my sister referred to my hand as “Flops.”  When I said I had EDS to someone, I found it hilarious that they asked me if that was Erectile Dysfunction.  When I told the lady at Sparrow who was measuring me for my compression stockings that my diagnosis was POTS, she said, “That has to do with weed?” 

 I am thankful for the moments of humor that come out of seemingly non-laughable matters.

 I am thankful for the medicine that is the pure, side-splitting, pee your pants kind of laughter that is so good for the soul.

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