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4 Years

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Happy Anniversary to us! 

I am proud of us. 

That pretty much sums up how I feel on our anniversary this year…and what a year it has been. 

I look back at the first three years we were married.  It was pretty effortless to be honest.  We both worked full time, money was never an object, we were as healthy as could be, and we felt like we had the whole world in the palm of our hands.

Then the curveballs came. 

It has not been easy.  There has been a lot of change.  And we have been on a seemingly unending roller coaster.


In a twisted funny way, this fourth year of marriage has been my favorite, and the best yet.

I have experienced unconditional love in the purest form.  We have kicked a lot of adversity’s butt.  We have become stronger.  We have defied odds.  We have seen each other at our worst.  We have leaned on each other.  We have made each other laugh, when we both felt like crying.  We have loved hard, supported hard, given hard, and have compromised hard.  We have learned the true meaning of being a partner, and we have come to appreciate each other so much more. 


Maybe we do still have the whole world in the palm of our hands, since despite everything, we are happier than ever. 
That is why I am proud of us.


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