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50 Goals For 2011: Final Grades

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The grades are in…
1.  Go back to work.  A+

2.  Floss everyday.  C

3.  Eat more vegetables.  B-

4. Help more people with EDS and POTS awareness; especially people who have either disorderB+
5.  Be able to stand up for most of the U2 concert when we go in June.  A+: I wrote about it here.
6.  Find a way to exercise regularly.  Walking?  Swimming?  Pilates?  A-
7.  Choreograph a dance.  D-

8.  Convince my Dad to paint us a picture for our home. F

9.  Finish the kitchen. C-

10.  New closet doors.  A-

11.  Landscape!  F

12.  Decide about prolotherapy.  A+

13.  Meet Lisa Gigliotti.  A+

14.  Continue date nights every Thursday night.  A+

15.  See someone new in concert (besides U2)… A+: Chris Trapper and Colin Hay.  I wrote about it here.

16. Continue posting regularly on my blog, and learn how to give my blog a makeover.  A-

17.  Figure out a plan for starting a family.  C

18.  Read more books for pleasure.  B

19. Go to the Ehlers-Danlos National Conference in Baltimore in July. Incomplete: On Hold

20.  Spend less money on eating out.  B-

21.  Learn how to cook more meals. D

22.  Get out of my cervical collar for good!  A

23.  Finish contacting all gymnastics clubs in the country about special needs classes for Gymnastics Doctor Autism Foundation.  Incomplete: On Hold

24.  Go to Silver Bells.  F: I had prolo that day.

25.  See Dr. Grubb.  A+: You can read about my visit here.

26.  Find a new PCP I love.  B

27.  Decorate our walls throughout our house.  E

28.  Visit Kristen, Jake, and Cecilia in Philly.  A+

29.  Spend a lot of time at the beach this summer.  A+

30.  Eat more anti-inflammatory foods.  B-

31.  Take my supplements regularly.  C

32.  Use more coupons.  B+

33.  Get life insurance.  A

34.  Start a will.  F

35.  Have a big send off for Andy when he departs for basic training and OCS without having too severe of a mental breakdown.  A+

36.  Buy Skechers Shape Up Boots. The word on the street is they are GREAT for people who have both EDS and POTS.  A+

37.  Officially join St. John’s Student Parish.  A+

38.  Have a garage sale. F

39.  Celebrate my 30th in a healthy, happy way! A

40.  Say “I Love You” more and give more hugs to all of my loved ones.  A

41.  Make friends with our neighbors.  D-

42.  Go away somewhere special with Brad for a few days, just us.  D-

43. Take more pictures.  A

44.  Learn how to make my Dad’s spaghetti sauce.  F

45.  Learn something creative like sewing, jewelry making, or card making. B+

46. Organize the basement.  C

47. Dama-Herner Summer Vacation.  A+

48. Walk up to receive communion at church regularly. A+

49. Get better at recycling everything that can be recycled. B

50. Pay the kindness forward that has been shown to me.  Incomplete

31/50 A’s or B’s=Always room for Improvement=Bring on 2012!

Stay Tuned for my 50 Goals for 2012