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50 Goals for 2011

Written by Katie. Posted in Goals

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Instead of making a couple of New Year’s resolutions, I decided to make a list of goals I would like to try and accomplish in 2011.
1.  Go back to work.
2.  Floss everyday.
3.  Eat more vegetables.  Especially green ones.
4.  Help more people with EDS and POTS awareness; especially people who have either disorder.
5.  Be able to stand up for most of the U2 concert when we go in June. 
6.  Find a way to exercise regularly.  Walking?  Swimming?  Pilates?
7.  Choreograph a dance.
8.  Convince my Dad to paint us a picture for our home.
9.  Finish the kitchen.
10.  New closet doors.
11.  Landscape!
12.  Decide about prolotherapy.
13.  Meet Lisa Gigliotti.
14.  Continue date nights every Thursday night.
15.  See someone new in concert (besides U2)…Great Big Sea? Ray Lamontagne? Lady Gaga?
16. Continue posting regularly on my blog, and learn how to give my blog a makeover. (Anyone know how?)
17.  Figure out a plan for starting a family.
18.  Read more books for pleasure.
19. Go to the Ehlers-Danlos National Conference in Baltimore in July.
20.  Spend less money on eating out.
21.  Learn how to cook more meals.
22.  Get out of my cervical collar for good!
23.  Finish contacting all gymnastics clubs in the country about special needs classes for Gymnastics Doctor Autism Foundation.
24.  Go to Silver Bells.
25.  See Dr. Grubb.
26.  Find a new PCP I love.
27.  Decorate our walls throughout our house.
28.  Visit Kristen, Jake, and Cecilia in Philly.
29.  Spend a lot of time at the beach this summer.
30.  Eat more anti-inflammatory foods.
31.  Take my supplements regularly.
32.  Use more coupons.
33.  Get life insurance.
34.  Start a will.
35.  Have a big send off for Andy when he departs for basic training and OCS without having too severe of a mental breakdown.
36.  Buy Skechers Shape Up Boots. The word on the street is they are GREAT for people who have both EDS and POTS.
37.  Officially join St. John’s Student Parish.
38.  Have a garage sale.
39.  Celebrate my 30th in a healthy, happy way!
40.  Say “I Love You” more and give more hugs to all of my loved ones. 
41.  Make friends with our neighbors.
42.  Go away somewhere special with Brad for a few days, just us.
43. Take more pictures.
44.  Learn how to make my Dad’s spaghetti sauce.
45.  Learn something creative like sewing, jewelry making, or card making.
46. Organize the basement.
47. Dama-Herner Summer Vacation.
48. Walk up to receive communion at church regularly.
49. Get better at recycling everything that can be recycled.
50. Pay the kindness forward that has been shown to me.