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50 Goals for 2014

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I believe in goals instead of resolutions! Here they are; 2014 style!

  1. Raise more money at this year’s benefit concert than last year’s for invisible illness awareness and research.
  2. Learn how to delegate better.
  3. Visit the Spisak’s in Cincinnati.
  4. See someone new in concert.
  5. Obtain sponsors for the benefit.
  6. Dama-Herner Summer Vacation.
  7. Visit the Cross in the Woods with my MIL.
  8. Pay off someone’s Christmas layaway.
  9. Get a new deck.
  10. Landscape our yard.
  11. Decide about, or at least research, ACSM, NSCA, or other exercise training programs.
  12. Do something new that surprises me.
  13. Do something that scares me.
  14. Visit Philly.
  15. Decorate our walls once and for all!
  16. Take a yoga class.
  17. Meditate more. (AND focus more on deep breathing).
  18. Develop a more challenging home rehab program.
  19. Learn how to make my Dad’s spaghetti sauce.
  20. Start a will.
  21. Take more time to write.
  22. Take a dance class or join a flashmob.
  23. Accept the things I cannot control.
  24. Visit somewhere I’ve never been before.
  25. Continue date nights.
  26. Continue mother-daughter Sunday afternoons.
  27. See Dr. Lavallee in York, PA for the first time since he moved.
  28. Make progress towards making decisions about starting a family.
  29. Write more thank you notes.
  30. Figure out an easy way to keep the “affect” and “effect” grammar rule straight.
  31. Spend more time in my happy places.
  32. Create a Pinterest project.
  33. Clean out my closet, clothes drawers, file cabinet, the coat closet, and the basement.
  34. Design Life as a Zebra Foundation Awareness Materials.
  35. See a TMJ specialist.
  36. Decide about getting a tattoo.
  37. Continue advocating and educating about EDS, POTS, and other invisible, chronic illnesses.
  38. Wake up with the sole purpose of watching the sun rise.
  39. Do something competitive.
  40. Put my work away earlier at night.
  41. Go somewhere with Brad, just us. Doctor trips don’t count.
  42. Wear more sunscreen.
  43. Be more aware of the three words I have chosen for 2014: 1. Balance. 2. Enough. 3. Now.
  44. Create more partnerships with Life as a Zebra Foundation.
  45. Drink more Smart Water.
  46. Dance more.
  47. Organize a third Zebra Day.
  48. Play in a snowstorm.
  49. Get to know our neighbors.
  50. Pay the kindness forward that has been shown to me.

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