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50 Goals Progress Report 6 1/2 Months In

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We are more than halfway through 2011.  Crazy.  I figured it was time to revisit my goals and see where I am. 

Goals are a beautiful thing.  They keep me focused and driven. They keep me pressing on.  I am thankful for my many years as an athlete where we were expected to set goals regularly and keep track of our progress.  Goals keep me in the zone.
Dr. Lavallee told me at the end of my appointment in January to make sure I have goals set; both long-term and short term.  He stressed that is always important to be working towards something; especially when illness is involved.  I couldn’t agree more. 
It is interesting to look back and see the goals I set for myself back in January.  It is also interesting to look at the new goals I have set for myself 6 months later.  I have definitely learned that goals must be flexible and at times need to be altered as life happens. 
Anyways, here is my “mid-year” goals progress report.
1.  Go back to work. Not yet…working on it!

2.  Floss everyday.  Started to use the floss picks which are easier for me to use since I only need one hand.

3.  Eat more vegetables.  Especially green ones.  Still doing better.  It is easier for me to eat veggies in the summer.
4.  Help more people with EDS and POTS awareness; especially people who have either disorder.  I have been updating my blog with things I have learned along the way.  I have received some positive feedback from other EDS’rs, POTSies, my family, and some friends that the information has helped them learn and understand the disorders too.  I’m still learning too!
5.  Be able to stand up for most of the U2 concert when we go in June.  Yup!  I wrote about it here.
6.  Find a way to exercise regularly.  Walking?  Swimming?  Pilates?  Therapy and home rehab right now are my main sources of exercise with the recumbent bike, small amounts of Elliptical and treadmill work, a lot of strengthening exercises, and the Pilates Reformer.  I still need to get swimming!

7.  Choreograph a dance.  Not yet…I have danced more, but have not choreographed an actual dance yet.  I have decided that I also want Allie to be here to help me. 

8.  Convince my Dad to paint us a picture for our home.  He’s not budging yet.

9.  Finish the kitchen.  Got a new ceiling fan.  We put the countertop and appliances on hold for now, unless we find a money tree.

10.  New closet doors.  We bought the wrong doors.  Back to square one.  (*Sigh*).

11.  Landscape!  I’ve weeded!  Don’t laugh.

12.  Decide about prolotherapy.  I will have my 7th treatment at the end of July.

13.  Meet Lisa Gigliotti.  I met Lisa May 3rd at Schuler’s Bookstore.  She has changed my life. 

14.  Continue date nights every Thursday night.  Still going strong! 

15.  See someone new in concert (besides U2)…Great Big Sea? Ray Lamontagne? Lady Gaga? I saw Chris Trapper and Colin Hay.  I wrote about it here. 

16. Continue posting regularly on my blog, and learn how to give my blog a makeover. (Anyone know how?)  Posting regularly: Check!  Makeover: Coming very soon!

17.  Figure out a plan for starting a family.  Still having many conversations with Brad and my medical team.

18.  Read more books for pleasure. I’m doing better than 3 months ago.  Reading Signs of Life right now.

19. Go to the Ehlers-Danlos National Conference in Baltimore in July.  I decided it’s just not in the cards for me this year for a variety of reasons. 

20.  Spend less money on eating out.  We still need improvement, but I am becoming the restaurant coupon queen.

21.  Learn how to cook more meals.  I have cooked Pesto Ravioli, Spinach Lasagna, a Mexican casserole, and pulled pork.  Thank you Real Simple magazine for being real simple.

22.  Get out of my cervical collar for good!  I am wearing it less at this point thanks to prolotherapy and PT.  I now only need it once in a while. 

23.  Finish contacting all gymnastics clubs in the country about special needs classes for Gymnastics Doctor Autism Foundation.  This is still on hold until more contact information can be obtained.

24.  Go to Silver Bells.  Have to wait until December (or November?)  I can’t remember.

25.  See Dr. Grubb.  I saw Bev, his NP, April 20th, and I saw Dr. Grubb yesterday.  More on my visit with Dr. Grubb soon.  This post is about my visit with Bev in April.

26.  Find a new PCP I love.  After a lot of research, I did find one.  He’s awesome and so willing to learn.

27.  Decorate our walls throughout our house.  Not yet, but I definitely have more of a vision than I did in January.

28.  Visit Kristen, Jake, and Cecilia in Philly.  I’ve been twice in the last few months. 

29.  Spend a lot of time at the beach this summer.  We’ve been a few times so far; especially to Grand Haven.

30.  Eat more anti-inflammatory foods.  I need to get back on track. 

31.  Take my supplements regularly.  FAIL.  I have no excuses.

32.  Use more coupons.  Much better!  Just once, I want to do an Extreme Couponing grocery trip.

33.  Get life insurance.  We have it through the school district, but we need to research other policies more.

34.  Start a will.  Not yet.

35.  Have a big send off for Andy when he departs for basic training and OCS without having too severe of a mental breakdown.  This was a SUCCESS!  I only had a minor meltdown.

36.  Buy Skechers Shape Up Boots. The word on the street is they are GREAT for people who have both EDS and POTS. I got the shape up shoes.  I actually had a hard time getting used to them.  They made me feel like my ankles are rolling.  I’ve only worn them twice.  But I did get new Mizuno’s recently! 

37.  Officially join St. John’s Student Parish.  Brad and I became official members last Sunday!

38.  Have a garage sale.  I’m organized and ready to price.  The problem is finding a date that works for three families.  It looks like possibly September will be our garage sale month.

39.  Celebrate my 30th in a healthy, happy way!  3 months away!  How the heck did that happen?!

40.  Say “I Love You” more and give more hugs to all of my loved ones.  Yup.  Love this goal.

41.  Make friends with our neighbors.  Not yet.  I want to tell them that we really are friendly!  We just have a private street, I guess.  Maybe I need to make cookies! 

42.  Go away somewhere special with Brad for a few days, just us.  Dreaming of an up north getaway for a few days in August. 

43. Take more pictures.  Yup.  I desperately need to clean out my camera!

44.  Learn how to make my Dad’s spaghetti sauce.  Not yet.  I plan to videotape this on our Flipcam.

45.  Learn something creative like sewing, jewelry making, or card making.  I have decided that I put the little creativity I have into writing and I am okay with that. I would love to get into photography though.

46. Organize the basement.  It’s looking better and better!  We are getting there!

47. Dama-Herner Summer Vacation.  Just a few weeks away!  Woot! Woot!

48. Walk up to receive communion at church regularly. I’ve come so far on this one.  Even reading that I made this a goal puts a lot in perspective for me. 

49. Get better at recycling everything that can be recycled.  Improving, but yes, Brad still gets after me on this one.

50. Pay the kindness forward that has been shown to me.  A lifelong work in progress!  This will never be a goal I will just be able to check off.