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50 Goals Update

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A third of the year has already come and gone and I realized the other day that I have not “assessed” myself yet on the progress I am making on my 50 goals I set in the beginning of 2012.  So, here’s my progress report.  I have some work to do…

  1. Get new countertops.  Hopefully within the next month.
  2. Install a new over-the-stove microwave. Not yet.
  3. Walk a 5k. May 19th for Team Zebra!
  4. Run through sprinklers. Not yet, but can’t wait!
  5. Write letters to people who inspire me.  I think they should know.  I have done some.  I need to continue.
  6. Start a will.  Not yet.
  7. Have a garage sale. Hopefully this summer.  Our basement is ready to be cleaned out!
  8. Save enough to buy an SLR camera and learn how to use it. I bought it!  Now I just need to take the class(es).
  9. Visit Philly.  I’m hoping in June!
  10. Join Pinterest and create. I’ve joined.  Created? Not so much. 
  11. Organize the basement.  A teeny weeny bit.
  12. Choreograph a dance.  Not yet.  Allie?!
  13. Landscape.  Nope.
  14. Attend Andy’s Ranger graduation.  Hopefully in August.
  15. Continue weekly date nights.  Yup.
  16. See someone new in concert: Ray LaMontagne, Coldplay, Frog Holler…?  Still working on this one.
  17. Figure out how to balance posting what I want to post on my blog with working and rehab and life in general. Eh, this is a hard one.  Trying.  
  18. Hang pictures and art on our walls.  They are on our floor ready to be hung!
  19. Take the 3 credit reading class I need to get my Professional Teaching Certificate. Starting tomorrow.  I will feel so good when this one is done.
  20. Make progress on making my dream of organizing a fundraiser for invisible illnesses come true.  Allie and I did it!
  21. Go to Silver Bells. Have to wait until November.
  22. Use more coupons.  Getting better and better.
  23. Dama-Herner Vacation.  We have a house!  Finally!  We are going in August. Woot!
  24. Visit the Cross in the Woods with my mother-in-law.  Hopefully in the fall.
  25. Visit the Grotto at Notre Dame. Yup.  It was a memorable, special experience.
  26. Learn how to make my Dad’s spaghetti sauce.  Not yet.
  27. Take Vitamin D.  I’m taking vitamins now, but not a vitamin D.  I need to add this.  
  28. Continue to advocate and educate about EDS and POTS (including myself).  I’m trying!
  29. Go on a getaway trip with Brad, just us.  Doctor’s trips do not count. Not yet.
  30. Come to terms that resting “is” doing something.  I go in waves on this one.  It’s a process.
  31. Begin juicing again.  Nope.
  32. Work on forgiving myself for the things I cannot control.  Trying.
  33. Be able to continue working.  Still teaching my beautiful kids!  I’m blessed!
  34. Continue Mommy-Daughter time on Sunday afternoons.  Yup, love Mama time. 
  35. Instead of focusing on just my larger muscles, focus more on strengthening my smaller muscles.  Doing better at PT and on my own.  
  36. Give more to our church.  Yup.
  37. Make progress on starting a family.  Some I guess.
  38. Getter better at not wasting the energy I do have on caring what other people think.   A work in progress.
  39. Do something I am afraid of.  I guess public speaking would fall into this category since I spoke at the Invisible Illness Benefit.  Speaking in front of a ton of people is one of my biggest fears.
  40. Spend time in my happy places.  Like the beach!  Hopefully more this summer!
  41. Track my blood pressure, heart rate changes, and symptoms more regularly.  I am getting better at just “knowing” how I am doing, and what I need to do to manage symptoms… if that makes any sense at all.
  42. Finish all the little odds and ends in the house that need to be completed.  Gah!  So much to do.
  43. Take Grandma Midge out to eat.  Not yet.
  44. Continue a disciplined home-rehab program.  Could be even more disciplined!
  45. Go see a play.  Not yet.
  46. Clean out all of our files.  Summer project.
  47. Learn more about personal training and foster care.  Not so much.
  48. Get a credit card (with rewards) for emergencies only.  Researching.  
  49. Figure out the best choice for a new car when my lease is up.  Researching. 
  50. Pay the kindness forward that has been shown to me.  A goal that will never be met, but I try each day.  


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