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A Better Thursday

Written by Katie. Posted in Physical Therapy

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Where has this week gone?  Better yet, where has May gone?  I was just looking through my last couple posts, and realized last Thursday’s was not the happiest of posts.  And since, I am lacking the energy to blog about the other topics I want to blog about, I decided to recap my day; which happens to be a tad bit more uplifting than last week.

First of all, I did not get sick on any exercise equipment.  That in itself is a small victory. 

I added a couple of new exercises at therapy today.  I got to PRANCE on the trampoline.  Oh, how I’ve missed the trampoline.  Yes, I did get scolded that I was supposed to JUST prance and hardly come off of the trampoline at all, but that’s beside the point.  I asked my PT, “How are you going to put an ex-gymnast on the trampoline and tell them just to prance?!”  I know, I know, my PT knows best. 

For my last exercise at therapy today, I got to take off my compression stockings and walk the balance beam barefoot.  Ahhh, it felt like home.  You can take the girl out of gymnastics, but you can’t take the gymnastics out of the girl.  This is to help with proprioception, and with my vascular system…(I forget the exact reason why, so I’ll have to ask again at therapy on Monday).

I started my new med for POTS yesterday, and besides feeling like I have ants crawling on my head, I have had no other crazy side effects.  I have noticed some improvement with my brain fog so fingers crossed.

Brad and I had a much needed date night.  Chipolte, Menard’s, and driving around looking at houses for sale and dreaming.  Perfect.  We are so exciting. 

I get to hug my brother in 5 days. 

I’m still smiling about the surprise birthday party we threw my Mom last Saturday (which is something I plan on blogging about as soon as I get more pictures).

Dr. Rosen is the best psychiatrist that ever lived.  I may be biased; just my opinion. 

The sun finally decided to show it’s face again. 

I’m alive and loved and blessed and busy working on taking my life back. 

And for today, that’s good enough for me.

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