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An Allie Kind of Summer

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Allie and I have an entire summer off together in the same zip code.

This hasn’t happened in years.

Who knows if it will ever happen again.

Which means a lot of planning…and plotting…and making the most of the time we have together before she heads back to Virginia for her second year of OT School.

Some of these plans include…

  1. Choreographing three dance routines.
  2. Dance camp coaching at Twistars Gymnastics Camp.
  3. Flexcity Fitness Workouts.
  4. The Color Run.
  5. Matchbox 20 Concert.
  6. Jimmy Buffett Concert in Cincinnati.
  7. Dave Matthews Band Concert.
  8. Avett Brothers and Josh Ritter Concert at Common Ground.
  9. Working on organizing a 5k.
  10. Planning the 2014 Benefit Concert.
  11. Turning my basement into the Life as a Zebra Foundation headquarters.
  12. Beach Week.
  13. Writing thank you notes for the Benefit Concert we had in April.
  14. Lots of outings and time with our other siblings and nieces when they visit.
  15. Zebra Day at my school.
  16. Aquatic Center days and frozen yogurt nights.
  17. Cecilia Jane Birthday Party Planning.
  18. Designing Life as a Zebra Foundation outreach materials.
  20. Laughing, laughing…and more laughing.

I heart this summer already.

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