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And It\’s a New Day

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Thank you to everyone who reached out this week.  It means a lot.  The week has been a tough one, I’m not gonna lie.  After my heating pad caught on fire last night, it was the final straw that sent me into a frazzled, overwhelmed mess.  I just dropped it under the running faucet and went straight to bed, while Brad (bless his heart) ran the sizzling, flaming bag under the water and cleaned up the mess I made.

Today I could not help but laugh about it.

Funny what a night’s sleep can do.

(Although I really miss it already).

But this post is not supposed to be about the yuckies that have been happening.  This post is meant to get my mind back on track.

I saw this quote today: “Adversity.  It introduces YOU to yourself.”  It made me think, what kind of person do I want to be when adversity strikes?

I still want to smile.  I want to help people.  I want to be able to keep in the forefront of my mind that things will improve, and sometimes all I need is time.  I want to learn how to better handle the “unknowns.”

I have a few coping tricks that help ME when I begin to get to a breaking point.  I go back to Lisa’s book.  I listen to music like “Let it Be” and “I’m Alive.”  I read quotes.  I read about inspirational people.  I talk to inspirational people.  I write.  I rest more.  I think about what I do have.  I try and seek out people who can help.

Last night I called my PT.  We talked through my pain, and she gave me a few things to try.

I lean on the people who are the closest to me, who don’t mind if I fall apart.

Chances are, what’s causing me so much pain is that I have dislocated ribs again.  I think a lot of my upper back and neck is majorly out of whack, causing me massive headaches and nausea.

BUT, I see Larry on Monday, and I am staying positive that he will be able to put me back together again.  I have also started to write down new ideas to run by him to be as proactive as I can be. One thing on my list is to discuss regular cranio-sacral therapy sessions, to see if he thinks it is something that could help me.

Coming up with an evolving treatment plan helps put my mind at ease, and helps me also see that there are always options.  Plus, it is something I have control over.

And that is exactly what helps me the most: finding the things I can control in situations where a lot is out of my control…and then controlling the heck out of them.  Type A. Anal.  Whatever.  Call it as you will. It helps me and that is what is important.

So besides a flaming heating pad, a lot of pain, and my POTS flaring, here are some things that I have to be proud of this week:

  • I am now CPR and First Aid Certified.
  • I did not let the toughness of this week influence my teaching.  I kept telling myself that it is not the kids fault that I feel like I can’t hold my head up.
  • As of noon tomorrow, I will have made it through a very difficult work week.
  • I still accomplished quite a few things this week, even though I may have had to go about doing them a little differently.
  • With that being said, EDS and POTS have made me more creative and more resourceful.

Well, I’m off to watch our DVR’d Modern Family.   I should mention that that show also helps.  It never fails to put a smile on my face.  Thank God for Phil Dunphy.

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