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Backing up…5 For Friday 5/18/12

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I missed my first Five for Friday since I began this blog.  I decided it’s better to catch up than to not do it at all.  These are meant for me to document life after all.  So here it goes…

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.  I mainly did cardio on the elliptical and mat Pilates to work, work, work my core.  Someday I’ll have the 6-pack again that I had in my gymnast days…*Dreaming*
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab: Treadmill for cardio and various joint strengthening exercises.
  • I had my monthly appointment with Larry.  He is going to be gone most of the summer in London working the Olympics (He is the US Gymnastics Team Doctor) so we talked a lot about my treatment plan in the upcoming months.  He also did quite a bit of cranio and rib manipulation work on me.

2.  On Mother’s Day weekend, I spent Saturday with my Mom getting pedicures, shopping, and going to Mitchell’s Fish Market.  Yum.  It was a beautiful day celebrating my beautiful, beautiful Mama.  On Sunday, we spent the day in Grass Lake celebrating all of the amazing Jaskolski Moms.  Here’s a picture of my Mother-in-Law with all of her Grandbabies…

My MIL also surprised me with flowers, because she said I will be a mother one day too.  So sweet.

My own Gerber Daisies. My fave.

3.  I went to the last writing workshop professional development session of the year with my friend, Angie. I learned a lot of great ideas to use with my students AND I also completed all of my required hours for the year.  (I’ve been worried I would not be able to, since I only work mornings, but like most things, it worked out).

4.   My friend Theresa and I worked our school’s carnival last Friday.  We sold tickets which is always my first choice because a) I can sit and b) I get to chat with everyone who comes.  It was a hit!  Our PTA makes it better and better each year!  I feel so thankful to be a part of such a fabulous school.  After the carnival, Theresa and I had a sleepover so we could get up early and head to Toledo for the Dysautonomia walk the next morning.  It was so funny because my Mom called to make sure “we did not stay up too late doing what girls do.”  I think we were both in bed by 10:15.

5.  Brad is in Heaven.  He has brand new “babies.”  I know what he will be doing a lot of this summer.

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