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Brain Dump

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The pre-kindergarteners are starting tomorrow.  I would be lying if I said I was not nervous.  Praying all goes well.  I’m counting on my kindergarteners to be my trusty helpers.

Zondra and I have 31 kids now.  That’s a lot of little ones.   Whew!

I pinch myself everyday because I can’t believe I am back teaching.  And in my former classroom.  Thank you, God.

I am finding that when I am in the presence of the pure innocence of a 5-year-old, all of the yuckies that are happening in life seem to temporarily go away.  Children are healing.

I watched a lot of the 9-11 coverage over the weekend.  As more and more coverage is shown, it is unbelievable the amount of heroes that keep emerging 10 years later.  On 9-11-01, I was a sophomore at Michigan State, living in Beechwood Apartments with my former roommates and teammates, Sarah and Dana.  I remember feeling so frustrated because I went to my Teaching 301 class that morning and our professor did not allow us to watch the coverage.  I still don’t understand why.

I’m looking forward to my shows returning.  Parenthood, Glee, Grey’s, and Modern Family.  I used to love The Office but I can’t imagine watching it now without Michael Scott.  We will see.

I still have a list of blog topics I want to write about.  Can you tell it’s really bugging me?

I can’t wait to see Dr. Lavallee and tell him I am back to work.

New Spartan football uniforms?  I’m kinda digging them.  I know a lot of people who aren’t though.

I lost my first week in the Fantasy Football league I am a part of.  Maybe it is because my strategy for the draft was to try and pick players who I read about in US Weekly.  Oh well, I still gotta step up my game.

By October, I want to be back to exploring “creating a family” options.

It’s been a transition trading in my Yoga pants for school clothes again.  I had to dig most of my school clothes out of the basement.  I’m trying to figure out, though, why it still feels like I have nothing to wear.

I am mourning the day Regis retires.   He was one of my best buds all last year.

I was asked yesterday if I faked being sick last year.  It just makes me realize more and more that there needs to be a much bigger emphasis on invisible illness awareness.

It is hard to explain EDS and POTS to people in 2-3 sentences.

High fiber foods make my stomach issues worse.  I am such a backwards person.

The choir at St. John’s Student Parish is amazing.  As a person with zero musical talent, the beauty of their music blows me away each Sunday.

Loving this quote: “She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams into plans.” ~Yamada

Midodrine is still making me feel like I have ants crawling on my head, but I would not stop taking it at this point for anything.  It is allowing me to stand up for most of the morning.

I am excited for my first glass of apple cider.  That’s when I know it really is fall.

I am almost 30.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Josh Ritter lately.

Did I mention the pre-kindergarteners start tomorrow?

And finally, my heart is heavy this week with the news that a fellow EDS’r suddenly passed away last week.  She was only 26.  We need a cure!  RIP, Susan.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Never, ever take life for granted.