Just a "zebra" trying my best to live life to the fullest with EDS and POTS...and loving the ride.


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loving : the MI Department of Education.
pondering : Where I will be career wise in the next couple of weeks.
reading: Signs of Life
anticipating :  Fall~Cider, football, and pretty leaves
cursing:  Extreme fatigue, brain fog, and pooling blood.
wearing: An Army T-shirt and pink and black pajama bottoms.  Hot.
deciding: on creating a family.
hoping:  a lot of things going on in my life right now will work themselves out.
eating: Nothing.  Just had salmon for dinner.  Thinking about eating some lemon sorbet.
planning: Which Diagnostic Reading course I am going to take with my friend Theresa in the upcoming year.
dreading: I am sure this is TMI, but I am just being honest…I’m dreading my monthly womanly friend, Flo, since it makes my POTS flare.
sorting out :  If I want to pay for the materials, and if I will have the energy at this time, to study for my personal trainer certification.
wishing: My siblings, siblings-in-laws, and CeCe Baby were all in Michigan.