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Five For Friday +1 11/26/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • No PT. My PT was on vacation all week.
  • I saw Dr. Rosen.  It had been a while and was a very timely visit.  Basically the quote of the hour (or theme, I guess you could say) was “Uncertainty is a bi%$#.”  This zebra HATES uncertainty.

2.  Allie got home late Saturday night, so on Sunday, my Mom, Al, and I went to church and then to meet our friends, Amanda and Tracy for sushi before doing a little shopping.  A perfect afternoon if you ask me.

Allie and Amanda. Friends for so long.


My fortune from my cookie. Let's just assume that means GOOD luck.


3.  Wednesday morning, Kristen, Jake, and Cece got into Lansing.  We made our traditional trip to Schuler’s for lunch, and watched Crazy, Stupid, Love Wednesday night.  We did a lot of dancing, singing, drawing, and playing in between; especially with the doll house, mousey, and blocks.

Cece drawing while we waited for our lunch.

Once she got her hands on our brownie, she could not be stopped.

She would not put down the stuffed possum. Of all animals.


The girl loves books.


Coloring with Grandma.

4.   Then it was finally Thanksgiving.  Andy had gotten in late Wednesday night, so I went over to see him before it was off to Grass Lake to Brad’s parent’s house.  We had a great time chatting, laughing, EATING, and decorating snowmen and Christmas trees.  Then, it was off to my parents for more loving on family, EATING, and having our annual Dominick the Donkey Christmas sing-a-long.  Brad and I went to bed that night feeling stuffed full of good eats and unconditional love.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Dama side all in one place. I'll have to get a Jaskolski side picture at Christmas.

5.  I got a couple new zebras to add to my collection…

Zebra ornament.

From Kenya. Thanks, Aunt Laurie. It is beautiful.

+1.  We are now in full-on Christmas mode around here.  Decorating, making lists, shopping…

I am not a crafty person in the least, but I saw these on someone else’s blog and they seemed super easy to put together.  I found a couple of frames, printed out the free printables, and voilà…

**These came from here.

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