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Five For Friday +1 12/17/11

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Whew!  I feel like I can finally breathe again.  The past two weeks have been the hardest, most demanding weeks I’ve had since returning to work. But I fought through it and survived.  And I am proud of that.

Vacation may now commence.

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • I had my December appointment with Larry.  He put four of my subluxed ribs back into place and did a lot of gentle neck manipulations.  He agreed that I may really benefit from regular cranio-cervical therapy and referred me to a doctor in Holt for weekly OMM.  December 22nd is my first appointment.  Fingers crossed.
  • I had two gyno appointments.
  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I scheduled my Dr. Grubb follow-up appointment for January in Toledo.  Now I just need to schedule my Dr. Lavallee, EDS follow-up for January too.

2.  I finished Lisa Gigliotti’s third book,  Coraggio! Lessons for Living: The Courage to Honor the End of Life.   This one was written with the same beautiful honesty and inspiration as the other two.   It is my opinion and my opinion only that everyone could use a little Lisa in their life.

3.  You know how my last beloved rice heating pad was accidentally set on fire (by me)?

After the flames were put out.

Well, one of the parents from my school saw my post about it on my blog, and made it her mission to learn how to make me a new one.  Thank you again, Michelle.  Your kindness is awe-inspiring. xoxo

My beautiful new heating pad with fabric that says, "Hope, Love, Faith." Perfect.

4.  My students made me one proud teacher Wednesday night.  The school musical went off without a hitch.  All of the kids did great.  They even made me teary as they sang, “As The Rain Comes Down.”  Last year, I remember feeling so sad that I was not able to be there since I was sick from POTS.  I felt pretty thankful to be there this year with the Wexford families and the kids.  That is what it’s all about…the kids.

5.   After receiving so many baked goods from students, Brad and I feel like we could open a bakery.  We are both extremely thankful for the gifts but the two of us could not possibly eat them all.  We have decided that we will be taking most of them to our local Salvation Army Bell ringers and our local food shelter this week.

+1.   I spent Thursday night making magical reindeer food for my nieces.  I love the magic of Christmas.

Magical Reindeer Food

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