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Five For Friday +1: 12/26/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Rehab on my own.
  • No PT. No doctors. I slept. Quiet week!

2. This week was all about Christmas. Preparing, enjoying time with loved ones, mass, eating…more eating…laughing, loving.


My cute parents.



Merry Christmas from Brad and me.



Siblings minus Kristen (she came two days later).


Fun with Katy Rose.

3. On Christmas Eve, we started by having an innocent Christmas sing-a-long with the fam after mass, which quickly evolved into a full-on Christmas rock concert equipped with microphones (candles) and SNL Christmas songs. So fun. Makes me crack up just thinking about it.





IMG_84654. Each year, us “grown up” girls sport the same Christmas pants.



5. I’ve been loving my time with these two. They have my heart.

IMG_8537+1. In Allie’s words, the day after Christmas:

It was 6 years and 1 day ago that I almost lost my battle with vasculitis, and this is the first Christmas since then that I have not needed a long cry to release myself of intense gratitude, sadness, trauma, and love. It has taken a long time, but perhaps I have healed from the outside, in.




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