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Five For Friday +1 3/24/12

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What. A. Week.  Conferences, meetings, and sickness!  But I made it through!

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of PT.  Focus: Graston’s Treatment on my hip.
  • 2 days of Home Rehab.
  • This heat has been an adjustment for me this week.  My blood has decided that it would rather hang out in my feet than in my brain.  I’m working on this.

2.  Last Saturday, we spent a beautiful afternoon at my in-laws meeting our new niece, Reese, and enjoying everyone’s company.  Gorgeous does not even begin to describe little miss Reese.  I’ll prove it with pictures:

Daddy and Reese

Like father, like son. Brad and his Dad decided to entertain us with a ribbon show.

Just hanging out.

3.  Last Sunday was not nearly as fun as Saturday.  I woke up sick.  I mean, sicker than I have been in a long time.  It felt like I was back in 2010 and 2011, crawling from room to room because I was too dizzy and sick to stand up.  I had multiple freak outs (as in bawling my eyes out, thinking I was relapsing), only to have Brad and my family reassure me that I had a nasty bug that was making my POTS symptoms go absolutely haywire.  Thankfully, they were right.  By Tuesday, I was feeling much better.  Phew.

My "Go To's" when sick.

4.  Awareness/Informational materials are beginning to arrive in the mail for the fundraiser.  Thank you EDNF, NDRF, and VF!  Less than three weeks away!  Gah!

5.  Two events happened this week that reiterates to Allie and me why it is so important to us to have this event.

  1.  This article:  What an ignorant story to allow to be published.  Fun to have EDS?  Seriously?  At least Maxim has apologized and has agreed to help raise EDS awareness during EDS awareness month in May.  But what about the people suffering from the other diseases mentioned?  This story just needs to be taken down.  Period.
  2. The Dysautonomia community has lost one of their own.  Heaven gained an angel on Thursday.  Rest in peace, Kathleen.

+1.  Happy Birthday to my best friend and the love of my life.  Thanks for being the BEST husband in the world.  Love you so much.

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