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Five For Friday 10/11/19 & 10/18/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Two sessions of PT. I think I’m at a point where I’m ready to increase intensity. I love the feeling of progress.
  • Two days of home rehab. I’m trying each time to beat my time on the treadmill. A bit of friendly competition with myself.
  • One shrink appointment = one deeper breath after.
  • Back to infusions! Had my first one in a while. I always marvel at how needed it must have been when I get two liters, and don’t pee for hours afterwards.
  • Flu shot!

2. Last weekend was good to us. We spent our time at Boyne City, and while the weather wasn’t as stellar as we would have liked, we were still able to get in some hike time and see the fall colors. It was a pretty cozy weekend full of making memories, playing games, shopping, being with family, and of course eating some delish foods.

Image may contain: Katie Dama Jaskolski, smiling, ocean, beach, sky, child, outdoor, nature and water3. These girls have a permanent play date for life. And so do Allie and I.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Katie Dama Jaskolski, people smiling, baby, child, closeup and outdoor

4. Last weeks of 37. This year has been amazingly special. Looking forward to what 38 has in store for me.  Feeling pretty grateful.

5. My doctor wrote this. Not interested in debating…just wanted to share the info:

ATTENTION: The FLU has arrived. There is active flu virus floating around this area. It is very early in the flu season and many have not had a flu shot. GET ONE! NOW.

Let me make this clear – perfectly healthy children and adults will get the flu AND pneumonia from the flu. Maybe you will be the one in the ICU. Maybe you will be the one on a vent. Maybe you will be the one that doesn’t make it. It’s not a joke. It’s not just a bad cold. And God help me it is NOT the ‘stomach flu’!!!

Please. Your kid can get pneumonia and end up in the ICU. I guarantee that is an experience you don’t want. You can NOT get the flu from the shot – it’s just pieces of dead virus.

No, the shot is not perfect. Yes I can debate you all day long, but I won’t do that on Facebook. I also have a job – taking care of sick people and praying no one dies this year from the flu.

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