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Five For Friday 10/12/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Tuesday PT. It’s getting harder. One foot in front of the other. Had 20 mins of wonderful heat and stim on my neck.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. 3 miles and light strengthening. Hoping I can do this until January…
  • One more Lovenox shot and I am done for the rest of this pregnancy. I always freak out when I go off a med that the baby has been used to since the beginning. Praying.

2. So far, school has had a lot of changes this year. I am beyond happy to report that a permanent afternoon teacher will be beginning on Monday. It’s been exhausting having different teachers, and for my kids (and I), we are beyond ready for more structure and consistency. Super hopeful.

3. I got word from Michigan Creative that a draft of Life as a Zebra Foundation’s new website is almost ready to view! It’s taken a while, so it feels pretty great we are nearing the end…fingers crossed it will be public for all of you very soon!

4. Grateful for a random Friday off from school. Time to recharge…and recharge some more. Thank you if you have been saying prayers for my family. So appreciated…please keep em coming~xo

5. This.

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