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Five For Friday 10/16/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • I felt SO much better this week. Thank you, antibiotics!
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. Treadmill, Recumbent Bike, and floor strengthening exercises.
  • 1 Day of PT. Elliptical, treadmill, and many foam roll exercises.
  • I saw Larry on Tuesday. My ribs were a mess, but were finally behaving once Larry worked on me…Sometimes I think my ribs really hate me : )

2. Last weekend was beautiful! Brad and I went to Cincinnati for a whirlwind of a trip! We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle, and went to celebrate one of my bestie’s daughter’s baptism. The weather was beautiful, the Spartans beat Rutgers, the company was great, and the ceremony was beautiful. Thank you, Theresa and family, for honoring me with the responsibility of being Caroline’s Godmother! Love you all!

3. This week, I felt like a crazy hamster on a wheel.  It was one of those weeks where I felt like no matter what I did, I could not catch up! In the classroom, it is that time of year when evaluation work is due, assessments need to be done, and we had Harvest Night on Thursday. I needed more hours in the day this week…I’m not gonna lie…I’m exhausted.

4. Dysautonomia Awareness Month continues…Did you know? POTS is a neurological condition that causes cardiac, gastrointestinal, and pulmonary symptoms, plus many more, due to a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

5. I LOVE new music weeks! Josh Ritter’s new album came out and in my opinion, it is amazingggggggggg. I’m borderline obsessed with it right now…so good.


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