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Five For Friday 10/25/19 & 11/1/19

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I just can’t keep up every week! I guess that goes with the Mom life now ; )

1. Medical Stuff:

  • Two PT sessions. Cardio, strengthening (increasing weight and resistance), electrical stim, and Manipulative medicine. The magic combo.
  • Four Days of Home Rehab. Treadmill (trying to increase distance/decrease time each run/walk. It’s getting harder but competing with myself makes the DREADMILL more tolerable).
  • My friend got skin cancer a few years ago. Ever since, I make sure I get a skin mapping every year. Came out clear again, thank God.

2. Lucia’s First Halloween: My baby started as a fluffy, funky chicken and ended the day as a naked elephant. Perfection. Image may contain: 1 person, smilingImage may contain: 1 person, baby

3. We are still working with the sleep coach and it is getting better. We are now all sleeping through the night, morning naps are consistent, and afternoon naps are getting better. I cannot say it enough: Life.Changing. Feeling so grateful for all of us finally feeling rested (and therefore, happier) again.

4. I turned 38! 37 was certainly special, but it’s time to see what this trip around the sun brings. From a cake delivered, to flowers,  to personalized shoes,  to donations to LAAZF, to family time, to SO many beautiful calls and messages, THANK YOU all for making turning 38 feel pretty kick ass.

5. I love this. Like LOVE.Image may contain: text

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