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Five For Friday 10/28/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.  I just could not fit in that second day this week because of my breathing issues.  Back on the wagon next week.
  • I had my annual gyno exam.  As my doctor was leaving he said, “Well, everything looked good and checked out healthy.”  I said, “Um, that was music to my ears…can you say that one more time?” I always try to remind myself that I still have my good health.  At least my lady parts fall into that category.

2.  I’m pretty geeked to read this:

The Calling, By Dr. Blair Grubb

This book is written by my POTS/Dysautonomia doctor.  He is the AMAZING cardiac electrophysiologist I see at the University of Toledo.  (Thank you, Christine for letting me borrow the book).

Here’s a brief synopsis:

“In these touching essays, Dr. Grubb recounts stories that have stayed with him, influenced him as a physician, and touched him as a person.  He depicts memorable encounters he has had in his calling as he strives to be a good healer and a good human being.”  The Calling, 2011

3.  These came in the mail this week…

Our MSU Basketball season tickets! Aren't they pretty?

4.  This week was all about the report card assessments.  I have 8 more to go.  Let the “report carding” commence tomorrow morning.

5.  The feathers in my hair are back.  This time they are teal.  Maybe it has something to do with a turning “30 crisis.”  Or maybe I just like having a little splash of color in my hair.  Sorry, Brad, but I like them, and the 5-year-olds that I teach like them too.

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