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Five For Friday 10/3/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab…on the brand new, beautiful, FIXED treadmill.
  • I had to take Tuesday off from school. I wasn’t sleeping enough, my heart rate was too high, and I started to notice more blood pooling than usual, which are usually red flags that I need to slow down and rest. Luckily, I slept three hours that afternoon, and did okay getting through the rest of the week.

2. By this time next week, Life as a Zebra Foundation will have a brand new logo. We won a contest that has allowed us to work with many different designers, through 99 Designs, to develop a logo for free. We are almost ready to pick “THE ONE!” Stay tuned…

3. Last Sunday, we spent the day at my in-laws house, spending time with family, including our Grandma. Talk about a beautiful day overall…food, weather, company.  Oh. And this is how Brad and his Dad showed up. Unplanned.

Brad Dad

4. October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month! POTS is the type of Dysautonomia I have. I was diagnosed at 28. One of the strangest parts about having POTS for me is I get sick if I am in water for too long: mainly showers and swimming pools…Anyways, look it up! Learn something! You never know who you could help. Plus, Dysautonomia is not rare. It’s just rarely diagnosed!

I travel to Toledo, 2 hours away!

I travel to Toledo, 2 hours away!

5. Last night, Brad and I went to seven stores looking for a bathroom trash can. Yup. 7. And still no trash can. I never realized how particular I was about trash cans until yesterday. We live a glamorous life.

(Can you tell it was a slow week?)

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