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Five For Friday 1/11/13

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Holy Moly, life is moving at lightning speed again and I am trying to keep up!

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.  Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, & an OA release were the focus of the appointment.  I am now going every two weeks instead of every week.  We will see how it goes!
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.  Treadmill and light strengthening exercises.
  • I had a pretty miserable week with my neck.  It has thankfully started to calm down, but I went to bed every night this week with my rice heating pad and my travel pillow.  That has not happened in a while.
  • I saw my OMM doc on Tuesday.  She spent a lot of time working on my neck.  I think it may have been a little too much time, and a little too much traction.  I plan on telling her at my next visit. (I love doctors who I can be open with.  I appreciate it so much more after seeing my share of crazies).

2.  Invisible Illness Benefit Updates:  I’m not gonna lie.  This has been one stressful week for the benefit…It was one of those weeks that I felt like I would take one step forward and three back.  I worked a lot on organizing sponsorship, the foundation’s website content, and emailing contacts. The most stressful of it all was that I lost both of my speakers (due to celebratory reasons) but still overwhelming.  However, after a lot of help and pick-me-ups from my family and friends, I am focused and back on track.  I keep telling myself one thing falls apart so something else can come together.  Fingers crossed.

3.  My first week back with my kids was a great one.  They seemed rested and ready to go.  It is that time of the year: reading testing and report card assessments.  I am trying to keep it as low stress as possible for the kids and myself.  January always amazes me with the sudden explosion of learning that I see with the pre-kindergarteners and kindergarteners.  At times it almost seems magical.

The picture below was a definite bright spot of my week:


4.  So if you have been reading all along you know I am a Bob Seger junkie.  I just can’t help it.  It’s in my blood from my childhood.  Well, Bob just announced that he’s doing another tour and that he will be in Grand Rapids on March 5…a school night.  I have some decisions to make.

5. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, talented, funny, BIG sister!  I love you, Kristen!  Thanks for being such an incredible role model ~xoxo~


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