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Five For Friday 11/14/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. That’s it. It was a pretty bumpy week with POTS.
  • I saw my gynecologist on Friday for my yearly. He doesn’t think my hormones are a major player in my increase in POTS symptoms right now. I know it may be weird to say, but I heart my gyno. He definitely cares about the whole person. That means a lot when you’ve seen many doctors.
  • I have a full week of appointments ahead: Larry, Psych, Dr. Grubb in Toledo. Hoping to get to the bottom of some of the issues I am having so I can get back to feeling my “normal.”

2. Fall parent-teacher conferences are a wrap! I feel really blessed with the parents we have this year who are so supportive and willing to help with anything. It really is huge. Also, a ginormous shout out to my teaching partner, Sarah, who did conferences on Tuesday without me. I was sick and was not handling it well. I have not missed one night of conferences in 10 years. I am very grateful that she is my work spouse.

3. I was reminded this week that there is beauty, beauty everywhere. So much kindness, so many people with hearts bigger than they are. I received an email out of the blue from a middle schooler who wants to organize a “Zebra Zoom” race with her friend for LAAZF.  One of my best friends in the whole world dropped everything on Tuesday and came and took care of me all day since I was home sick. The people in my support system are saints. That’s just a few…I could go on.

4. I love when I get cousin time! Even if it means the Spartans losing to the Buckeyes! Fingers crossed for a win tonight! GO GREEN.

Jen and Sparty

5. People ask me all of the time, “How do you do it?” It’s a question I’m not always sure how to answer. My response is usually that I really have no other choice. But I also always say that the inspirational examples around me help me so much. This week, one of my heroes, my aunt, who has MS, was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she ran a half marathon.  In her words,

“Today I ran the Honor Run Half Marathon. It wasn’t my fastest half marathon, nor was it the slowest, but it was one of the most meaningful races I’ve ever done. You see, I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this week. At this point I have infinitely more questions than I have answers. I meet with my surgeon on Monday morning, and I expect things to start moving fairly quickly after that. Today’s run allowed me to feel strong and healthy and normal one more time before my world gets turned upside down. Yet another gift running has given me over the years.”

My aunt, as well as so many others, continue to teach me so much and remind me what life is all about while we are here.


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