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Five For Friday 11/15/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • One PT sesh. I got to teach a PT student about EDS. Makes me happy.
  • Two days of Home Rehab.
  • My thoracic is flared up. Busted out my heating pad and massager machine. My kid is getting heavier ; )

2. Lucia had her 9 month check up. Feeling thankful for her good health and the fact that the doc calls her “precocious.” I like to say she is going to give me all the grey hairs before she is one. Case in point:Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

I went to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Lucia decided to use the bouncy chair as a trampoline to launch herself up to grab the gate and do a chin up…can you say, gymnastics, here we come?!

3. Fa la la la la…Anyone else feeling extra festive earlier this year? Maybe it has to do with the fact that we had a full on snow storm this week. Anywho, give me all the Christmas magic. I believe.

4. The teacher in me went down in the basement last week and brought up the music I used in my classroom and some basic Montessori materials. Lucia is loving the silly songs just as much as my kindergarteners did and she is watching very curiously as I spoon, tweeze, and build with some of the materials. I’ve been training for these moments!

5. One more episode and we are caught up on This is Us. I had heard it was not as good this season, but I have zero complaints. Just more tissues used…It’s a good break from my usual routine…True crime and in bed by nine…I should get that on a shirt.


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