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Five For Friday 11/16/12

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What a CRAZY, busy week.  At a few points, I was not sure I would make it, but I am happy to say that I got through.  It feels good to sit here now, still in my PJ’s, drinking coffee, knowing that next week I have two work days, and then I will be able to relax with my family!

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • No PT this week.
  • I had my November appointment with Larry.  He wrote me a prescription for compression socks (not stockings this time), and he also did a lot OMM work on my ribs, thoracic, and neck.

2.  Last Sunday, we went to Livonia to celebrate Grandma Jaskolski’s 90th! It was such a happy day of celebrating her as an amazing mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and overall beautiful person.

This card included pictures of all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.


3.  BIG NEWS!  I am really proud to share that Life as a Zebra is a website, a blog, a Facebook page, and now a FOUNDATION!  As of yesterday, Life as a Zebra Foundation officially became a recognized, nonprofit foundation in the state of Michigan! Now on to establishing it as a foundation at the federal level.

My file with all of my foundation documents thus far.

4.  I met with two of my expert event planning friends, Mimi and Jan this week at Kellogg Center to touch base about the Second Annual Invisible Illness Benefit that Life as a Zebra is hosting on April 13th in East Lansing.  Holy to-do list.  I am so thankful for their help along with my family’s help, because I’m pretty sure I would be lost without them.  It is all such a learning process.  Right now, I am focusing on obtaining sponsorship, silent auction donations, and pursuing the 501 3c.  Proceeds made from the benefit will benefit Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation, National Dysautonomia Research Foundation, and Vasculitis Foundation.  If you are interested in making a silent auction donation or becoming a general sponsor, please contact me at katie@lifeasazebra.com, and I will send you all of the information!  Thank you!

The super cool flower Mimi gave me at our meeting. It got us all in the zebra planning mood!

5.  Five will be a mish-mash of stuff…Fall-Parent Teacher Conferences are now done, I celebrated my birthday with my in-laws last night at Mitchell’s and Pottery Barn, I love the newest Mumford and Sons CD right now, Parenthood made me bawl my eyes out like usual, my class got to be toy testers for FOX 47 News on Wednesday, and school pictures came back.  I always wonder what they think I will do with 50 pictures of myself…but that’s a different story.

So Cheesy.

AJ Hilton of Fox 47 News is saying “CHEESE” for the Barbie camera that one of my students is holding. If you are interested, the full story will be on Fox 47 News this Tuesday or Wednesday.
(picture by AJ Hilton)


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