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Five For Friday 11/3/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. Alternated the elliptical with the recumbent bike to get to 40 minutes of cardio. After cardio, scap strengthening and balance training. I ended with OMM on my neck, jaw, and upper ribs.
  • I had an OMM appointment today. Because my jaw, neck and rib pain is still sticking around, we tried OMM with trigger point injections. The hope is the injections will interrupt the pain cycle. Fingers crossed.

2. HALLOWEEN WEEK. Always a fun, yet exhausting one. We actually had a calm-ish and smooth-ish party with my kindergarteners. I went as Waldo, and it was both hilarious and sad to me that not one of my kids knew who I was. Some of their guesses: Santa, Dr. Seuss’s sister, “my grandma,” and a Target shopper girl.

It was the rest of the week that they seemed cranky and just OFF. I’m putting my money on the full moon and the sugar crash. Whew.

3. Oh man, this class is hilarious. They have kept me laughing from day one.

Example: We had a discussion about gratitude on Thursday. One of my Kindergarteners: “I’m going to think about everything I’m grateful for tonight, but I already know what my Mom is grateful for. Wine. DEFINITELY wine.”

4. We went to Chicago to see Allie last weekend. On Sunday before we left town, we did an escape room. So. FUN. We escaped in 55 minutes with 5 to spare! I’d love to do another one soon…try one if you haven’t!

5. Just gonna leave this here.

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