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Five For Friday 1/14/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 3 days of PT
  • Great session with Dr. Rosen
  • Got measured for new compression stockings (Juzo, not Jobst this time). 
  • The high risk pregnancy doc’s office called.  I have an appointment January 27th. (For the record, in case you have not read previous posts, I am NOT pregnant).
  • Got my testosterone levels back to take to the prolotherapy doc on Tuesday.  My levels were super low.  Hmmm, wonder what that could mean.
  • Tried two new tape jobs for neck/rib/shoulder stabilization.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

2.  Saturday my Mom and I went to the Twistars Invitational to watch the GymnasticsDoctor.com Autism Foundation demonstration.  I was so proud of Larry and Stefanie as I watched their foundation in action, and all the good that is coming out of it. 

3.  I ordered these for super cheap.  I have wanted to try them but I didn’t want to spend 100 bucks in case I didn’t like them.  I’ve been watching the sales and yesterday I got them for a little under 40 bucks with free shipping.  I never thought about buying a pair until I read about people with EDS and POTS who swear by them.  They are designed to improve posture, strengthen back, butt, stomach, and leg muscles, improve circulation, and reduce joint stress.  All of those cover problems of POTS and/or EDS.  So I thought what the heck, they are worth a try.  Now I can check off goal #36 🙂

4.  Home Depot came back to fix our floor.  Grrrr.

5.  Highlight of the week:  MSU fought their way back to beat Wisconsin! Hate is a strong word so I will say I really, really, REALLY dislike Wisconsin basketball; even more so than U of M.  That was a sweet victory, and the Spartans showed a lot of heart that night.

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