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Five For Friday 1/17/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  •  1 Day of PT. I have new ab and shoulder work to add to my other exercises. It’s good to change it up every once in a while.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • I was back to having a lot of POTS and insomnia problems. To be honest, it was a really rough week, with a few bad nights. It may be time to look at a couple of med changes.
  • I saw Larry on Monday for my monthly appointment. He used his “magic fingers” to do cranial and upper back OMM. That man has an amazing gift.

2. My Uncle John took his final breaths on Thursday afternoon. While I am thankful he will no longer be in pain, and he will no longer have to suffer from the hideous disease, ALS, his gentle, loving, beautiful, kind soul will greatly be missed.

Celine Wedding

One of the last pictures I have with my Uncle John at my cousin’s wedding. (Top, Left). It is times like these that I will always remember with a smile. Rest peacefully, Uncle John.

3. I saw Tony Lucca live in concert last night. He was incredible.  Tony also happens to be one of one our headliners at this year’s zebra benefit.  After having a chance to talk to him after the show, I felt beyond excited and lucky to have Tony this year, along with Chris Trapper back to co-headline. April 12 is coming fast! Crazy…stay tuned for more updates as we get closer!

Tony Lucca

Ignore the fact that I look possessed. (With Tony Lucca after the show)

Dan Godlin

Jill (my sister-in-law), me, and the opener, Dan Godlin.

4. I registered with two of my friends for a Montessori Conference that will be held in March in Cincinnati. I’m looking forward to fresh perspectives, getting back to the basics, and new ideas. I’m also excited to get away for some quality girl time.

5.   This blog to me is all about keeping it real. Putting what I know, what I experience, what I learn, and what I feel out there. It is often therapeutic and has so many times, been a way to connect with others. So I am not going to sugar coat. The last two weeks have been really difficult and overwhelming for me, trying to manage my obligations, responsibilities, health, and mental well-being. Some days I feel like I am just surviving. I’m not saying this for sympathy or to complain; especially because I know how blessed I am, but I also don’t want to paint the picture that everything is always rosy and fine. Life gets tough. I am having a tough time. Tough times pass. This one will too. So if you are out there having a hard time, know that you are not alone. Just don’t give up. One foot in front of the other. Deep breaths in and out…Have faith that it will pass.

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