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Five For Friday 12/10/10

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1.  Jill, Audrey, Jameson, and Cami came to visit on Monday.  It was awesome to just hang out with the girls!  Jameson and I made chocolate chip muffins, and of course we had to taste test them! I think Jameson approved of our baking. What do you think?

2. My Mom and I did some hard-core Christmas shopping.  I made it through one store without needing my wheelchair.  Baby steps! I am about two-thirds done with my shopping.  Thank goodness for Amazon.com!
3. I traveled to Cincinnati for my much anticipated appointment with Dr. Tinkle.  He did not disappoint! (I will do a lengthy, separate post about the appointment).  I do have to say he has the most FUN and CHEERY office I have ever seen. 
The Princess and the Frog was playing on the TV in the waiting room.
4.  Not only did I get to see Dr. Tinkle, but Brad and I also got to spend a couple of days with my Aunt Mada, Uncle Brock, and my cousins, Ian, Josh, and Flor.  Because of this special time we had with family, it felt more like a vacation rather than another doctor’s trip.  Thank you so much Hanthorn family for EVERYTHING!
We were greeted with hand made pictures on our borrowed bed (Thanks Josh) courtesy of Josh and Flor. Notice the Love Monkey in the middle.
Flor and her Love Monkey (AKA Brad)
 More “monkeying” around.?
 Ian hard at work on homework after a full day of school, swimming, and Boy Scouts.
 Aunt Mada and Traveler.
 Uncle Brock and his comfy pants.  We ALL love our comfy pants.
Aunt Mada and Josh
I stole some Flor snuggles.?
I learned the story behind each Nutcracker my Uncle Brock has given my Aunt Mada for Christmas each year.
5.  I received some very special, inspirational written messages from families from the wonderful Wexford Montessori.  Everyday, I continue to be blown away by people’s acts of kindness.

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