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Five For Friday 12/16/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • Crazy Insomnia and POTS flare. This was definitely a one hour at a time kinda week!
  • No doctors or therapy this week.

2. I am officially on Christmas Break. Time to reset and recharge. Hallelujah.

Enough said.

3. My students were SUPERSTARS on Thursday! They have been practicing for over a month for their holiday concert. I’m not gonna lie…there were moments as we practiced, that I would get a bit nervous that it was gonna be a HOT MESS. But, as I watched them on Thursday night, I realized I never should have doubted them. Shame on me. Everything came together and they were AMAZING. It was everything a little kid concert should be: adorable, heart-warming, and full of those cute moments where kids randomly shout things like, “Sing with me, Grandma!” Proud, proud teacher here.

4. Today, I am off to Detroit. I fly out of Detroit in the morning for a super quick trip to Philly to see my sister and fam, and the roads are supposed to become terrible tonight.  Fingers crossed that the weather gods cooperate and work with me.

5. Life as a Zebra Foundation is extremely grateful to MEGA (Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy) for having them as the chosen charity to support at their season opener at the MEGA Magic Gymnastics Invitational this past weekend! Thank you for helping us make the invisible, visible.

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