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Five For Friday 12/29/17

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Christmas Edition!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I sucked up the working out thing SO bad this week. My body feels it too. Way too many Christmas carbs and not enough Christmas cardio. On my way to the treadmill today. It’s not gonna be pretty. Pray. Just pray…
  • No doctors. No PT. Just eating and lazing my way through Christmas.

2. Our Christmas began the 23rd and ended on the 27th. We had Christmas with Brad’s family on the 23rd. It was a great day to kick off my favorite time of the year. Lots of love and laughter…and food! Are you seeing a pattern here? SO. MUCH. FOOD.

3. 24th-Christmas Eve #1 with the Herners. Christmas Eve Mass, and so much snow!

25th-Christmas Day #1 with most of the Dama fam and Uncle Steve. Lobster dinner and Home Alone.

26th-Dama/Herner Family Christmas Eve with everyone: The Philly family arrived and we Christmased Eve like crazy. Reindeer food, letters to Santa, meatballs and sausage, a few gifts, sock exchange, sing-a-longs, matching Christmas PJ’s, hummer drinks, and on and on and on….

27th-Dama Family Christmas morning/day with everyone: Santa Came! Like REALLY came! We all got great stuff, had a huge breakfast, took naps, and then went to Mongo for dinner. That is a new tradition…after cooking for 4 days, we decided to go out to dinner, and it was perfect.

4. Some of my most favorite days are the “ordinary days” when the whole family is in town. Allie and I took Cecelia and Annie to see Ferdinand, out to lunch, and then to Claire’s to get suckered in to buying some stupid diaries for the girls. Because they live in Philly, we don’t get to do the “normal” Aunt things very often, so these kind of ordinary days are just as special, if not more, than the holiday days. Those girls make my heart want to burst.

5. Brad and I had a first. Channeling our inner Tooth Fairy. Cecilia always spends the night at our house the last night she is in town. Well, of course she decided to lose a tooth that afternoon. The tooth fairy came through. She got two silver dollars, since I promised my sister we would only give her $2 so she wouldn’t have to explain why she gets more in Michigan vs PA. 

Tooth fairy stuff is intense. But we crushed it.

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