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Five For Friday 12/30/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of Home Rehab=Must. Get. Back. On. The. Wagon.
  • I had my 10th prolotherapy treatment on Tuesday.
  • I saw Dr. Rosen yesterday.  Most of our hour was spent discussing the importance of identity. 

2.  I spent some time in my classroom yesterday.  I made sure I went BEFORE my Dr. Rosen appointment so I would be forced to leave since I could have spent hours working.  I was able to change the work on the Practical Life shelves, art shelves, do some paperwork, AND de-Holiday-ize the room before the kids return on Tuesday.  Speaking of Tuesday, it is coming fast!

3.  Some of my Zebra swag from Christmas:

4.  I also got this for Christmas:

  POTS: Together We Stand, Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia

It is an amazing resource for people with POTS, or any other type of Dysautonomia. Very easy to read, concise, and practical.  It even has recipes that are good for POTS people.  I definitely recommend it!  (Brad ordered it on Amazon)

5.  So this is my funny story for the week.  For Christmas, my Dad received this shirt from my cousin:

He was invited by my Uncle Steve to go to the Indiana-MSU BB game Wednesday night, and be a part of the Izzone since most of the students are gone for break.  My Dad decided to wear his new shirt, to stand out, and try to get on TV (which he did, BTW).  So, anyways, Brad and his friend, Tony were also at the game sitting far from the Izzone.  Tony turns to Brad early in the game and says, “What kind of douchebag wears a yellow shirt in the Izzone?”  Brad asks where, Tony points out “the douchebag” and Brad says, “Holy crap! That’s John, my Father-in-Law!”  Bahahahaha!  My Dad has a new nickname.  Thanks, Tony.

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