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Five For Friday 12/30/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • I took the week off of doctors, PT, infusions for Christmas week!
  • My only fail was one day of home rehab. I needed more. C’mon 2017, time to get stronger!
  • Sleeping better! Fingers crossed it continues!

2. Christmas week! It was a four day Christmas extravaganza, spending time with all the people I love! Two Christmas Eves, Two Christmas Days, a whole lot of love, laughs, feasting, and making memories. My favorite gift? A “Healing Love” Alex and Ani bracelet. Love.

3. My niece, Cecilia from Philadelphia spent the night with Brad and me the last night she was visiting. It may seem small, but all year we Skype and I get to kiss her and hug her maybe 15 days out of the year. So getting to lay with her while she fell asleep on my shoulder was beyond priceless, and is one of the top moments of Christmas break.

4. As I think about 2017, I think about what my goals or wants are. I keep going back to the word “shine.” There were quite a few moments this year where I let my shine be dulled, and for 2017, I want to shine more. So that folks, is my word for the coming year. SHINE.

5. My sister’s pitbull, Gru, is staying with my parents for a couple of days while they are out of town. I’m off to cuddle that good for the soul, ball of fur, before he’s back in Chicago for a while!

Wishing you all a happy, safe, and prosperous NEW YEAR! Bring it, 2017!

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