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Five For Friday 12/7/12

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Oh, my poor neglected blog.  I will try and do better.  Promise.

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.  I worked out at the MAC on Monday (I kinda overdid it…Okay, I definitely overdid it.  I just love all of their equipment.  It’s hard for me to just pick one thing and stick with it).
  • I saw Dr. Rosen, my psychiatrist.  One of the themes: Using my OCD Type A’ness to my benefit, not my detriment.  Also, we had a refresher on the importance of pacing.  Always helpful.  Always necessary.
  • I saw my OMM doc on Thursday.  She spent a lot of time putting my ribs back into place, and doing an OA release on my neck.  I had some swelling afterwards so I spent the evening on some ice.

2.  We decorated our Christmas tree this week.  It has been a process.  The tree went up, a week later the lights went on, and a week after that I can finally say it is decorated.

See.  I know how to pace.

Hanging up my special zebra ornament.

3.  My sister, Allie and her boyfriend, Gabe were in a serious car accident last weekend.  It was a multiple car accident, and everyone walked away okay.  Definitely puts things into perspective.  Thank God for their angels.

4. My friend, Theresa is due any day now.  We celebrated her upcoming arrival with a pedicure.  I went out of the box this time with teal.

5.  5 Loves Lately:

  • The Chris Trapper Christmas Album.
  • New Girl (& of course Parenthood).
  • Buckeyes.  Not the team, but the candy.  Those are dangerous…but so good.
  • Marcel the Shell.
  • Be The Miracle

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