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Five For Friday 12/7/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Dentist appointment. While I am on leave, I will lose so my dental, so I wanted to get in before. No cavities…just need to floss a bit better.
  • 8 miles walked in the neighborhood this week.
  • 34 week OB appointment! Everything checked out well. In the words of my doc, “You get a bronze medal if you make it to 28 weeks, a silver for 32, and a gold for 34. Now, we just twiddle our thumbs and wait.” EEK.
  • Shrink appointment. Needed.

2. The feeling that this baby is so loved continues. Sunday, Brad’s side of the family threw us a baby shower, and Thursday evening, my school threw us a shower. It is so incredible to be the recipient of so much kindness, support, generosity, and love. Honestly, it is hard to put into words. I lost it a couple of times because it can get overwhelming…the good kind of overwhelming like my heart is gonna burst. Thank you to all who is sharing in this journey with us…from the bottom of our hearts.

3. You guys. I teach 10 more days until maternity leave.

I remember thinking December 21st felt like years and years away. Now, here we are, staring it in the face.


4. We are continuing to work through some family health crises. Life is a crazy roller coaster ride right now, with steps forward and then backwards each day. We are making it, but I know I am definitely digging deep to rely on a whole lot of faith and family.

5. This. This is 100% accurate. ; )

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