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Five For Friday 12/9/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • I met with a new primary care doc, and I really liked her. This has been my missing link from my medical team for a while. I am optimistic she will be able to take over, AND she does OMM too. Bonus.
  • 1 Day of PT. Elliptical, bike, small weights, foam roller, and OMM!
  • 2 Days of Home rehab.
  • I went to Indiana on Wednesday for a TMJ follow up. My specialty mouthpiece was adjusted and I had PROLOTHERAPY from a doc other than Dr. Cantieri. That was a first. Dr. Klauer did my jaw, upper neck, and inside my mouth. I wasn’t even that sore.

2. Last weekend, I went to my first MSU BB game of the season. Talk about a nail biter, but they pulled it out. Now, if I could figure out how to not leave sore after sitting on those bleachers. They have to have something out there to give my back and neck a lot more support. Amazon, here I come.

3. Speaking of Amazon Prime, it is the best thing ever invented. For someone like me or anyone with chronic illness, it truly is life changing for holiday shopping…okay, for any shopping. We’ve been spending A LOT of time together lately.

4. Ahhh, the first snow with kindergarteners. When we are trying to work in the classroom, it’s a bit like herding cats away from the window. Oh, to see everything as magical again…; )

5.  And one more thing about Amazon! As you are shopping on Amazon this season, please consider using Amazon Smile where you can choose Life as a Zebra Foundation as your charity to give back to! Life as a Zebra Foundation automatically gets .5% of all of your purchases! It’s super easy and free to set up. Thank you in advance!

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