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Five For Friday 1/8/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. Lots of cardio and scap work.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. Treadmill and core strengthening.
  • I saw one of my OMM docs on Wednesday. My jaw and OA joints were our main focus. They were “the joints of the week” that didn’t want to stay in place. : )
  • Thursday, I saw my shrink, Dr. Rosen. We joked about starting our 17th year together and the need for diplomas. But the truth is, I don’t ever want a diploma. I think there is a place for always working on our mental health. Zero shame.
  • 3 naps this week! Woohoo!

2. Benefit, Benefit, Benefit! The focus this week was developing a Memorandum of Understanding with our partnering research institution for this year. It should be all signed and official next week and then I can say more. Fingers crossed!

3. It is my eleventh year as a teacher, and it always amazes me the difference in my kids when they come back from break in January. I know it is only two weeks, but they always seem more grown up, and settled. It is a hard thing to explain but it is like something magically happens over their vacation and they come back more mature emotionally and academically. Kinda cool.

4. I admit it. I have joined the Powerball craze. We have two tickets that I may have kissed once…or 100 times. Seriously, though, what would YOU do with all that money?!

5. So, this is eight years of marriage in a nutshell:

Brad: “You wanna go on a date this weekend to help moisten our house?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Brad: “You know, go on a date to buy a new humidifier, like to Bed, Bath, & Beyond.”

Me: “Oh. Sure. I’ll bring the coupons.”

We have our super hot date tonight.

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