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Five for Friday + 2…4/10/11

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I was going to do “Seven for Sunday” but it just bugged me too much that it would throw off my consistent “Five For Fridays” posts…Maybe that’s my Montessori mind needing to have order and repetition, or maybe it’s just plain ol’ OCD.  Anyways, here’s my 5+2 for the week… 

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • My blood work came back all normal.  Like I always remind myself, I still have my GOOD HEALTH! 
  • 1 Day of PT. 
  • 2 Days of strengthening exercises in Philly.  My glutes better be firing by now. 
  • Back to reality this week.  Hardcore therapy and kale smoothies, here I come!

2.  My Dad has been a cleaning fool, cleaning out his and my Mom’s basement the last couple of weeks.  In the midst of it all, some treasures have been found.  My Grandma Marie was an amazing painter.  While cleaning the basement, my Dad found a few of her paintings.  He let me pick one.  Once I find a place that will clean it up and frame it, it will be going in our den.  I grew up admiring all of her paintings, and to have one in my home means so much to me.

3.  My niece Jameson turned three!  I can’t believe it!  Where has the time gone?  Seriously!  We went to Spring Lake to celebrate with her.  She fell in LOVE with her new Woody doll, and of course her delicious cake and ice cream!

If you ever need a gift idea for Brad, I think a pillow pet is a safe bet.
Pa and Cami Rose
 Present Opening Time!

4.  We saw BOB SEGER!  I swear he was better this time than in 2006.  He can still rock out with the best of them.  He played everything I wanted to hear and more.  And boy, does the sax player amaze me every time! Late into the concert, he announced that he had a special friend that was going to join him, and then out came Kid Rock!  It was totally worth the exhaustion and recovering I experienced the next day.  Bob and I have been tight buds throughout this past year.  As I have written before, music has been a major source of therapy for me, and Bob has been a big part of that therapy.  I have to admit, I was a crying mess, during “Shinin’ Brightly.”  Cool or uncool, I LOVE BOB!

5.  I went to Philadelphia with my Mom and visited my sister, Kristen, my brother-in-law, Jake, and my niece, Cecilia.  I was scared to death to travel with sickness.  I already hate flying.  But I made it through okay, and ended up feeling so glad I went.  I definitely needed rest and naps, but every minute of family time was priceless.  Allie even drove to Philly from Maryland for a day.  I feel like I may have gotten over a mental block of not being able to fly while sick.  I’ll do a separate post about the trip, but I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures for now.  It was good for me to get away!

6.  The greatest, most awesome assistant teacher EVER came to visit.  I love our visits Ms. Margaret!  Thanks for coming and spending time with me!

7.  Andy wrote Brad and me a letter.  I got home from Philly and there it was!  Talk about excitement!  I’d like to keep most of it private, but this line really got me..”Always remember, when you are going through pain, there’s a 99% chance I am too.  We can take anything because we are Dama’s.”  Love that boy.

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